What is Voice of the Customer?

“Voice of the Customer” (VoC) refers to understanding how customers really feel. What is their perception of a business? What are their expectations? Are these expectations being fulfilled or is the customer dissatisfied? Are they satisfied with the service they are receiving in general?

Why is Voice of the Customer important?

Traditional customer analytics focuses on individual customer interviews and reviews to build up an understanding of the voice of the customer. However, this tends to be done on a small scale with a closed group of customers. It does not scale well and is far too expensive to be applied on a large scale.

Voice of the Customer

On the other hand, in the Internet age, we have access to customer opinions on an internet-wide scale and tools to collect survey-responses on an unprecedented scale. To really understand the voice of the customer, it is obviously an advantage to look at a much larger sample of data.

How does Gavagai handle Voice of the Customer?

Built specifically for the analysis of unstructured text, the Gavagai Explorer is the only tool on the market powerful enough to mine actionable insights from large amounts of text data. The Explorer works well on survey responses, unsolicited online reviews, tweets, historical customer data or other written customer opinions.

Emerging from almost a decade of commercial research at Gavagai and at the Swedish Institute of Computer Science (SICS), our technology applies state-of-the-art techniques from text analytics and text mining to perform qualitative-to-quantitative data analysis on textual data. The insights from our tool allow world-leading Customer Experience and Customer Relations managers to gain vital knowledge about the voice of their customers.

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