What is Social Media Analytics?

Social Media Analytics is about harnessing social media data to gain business insight. In the modern age, there is an abundance of data to be tapped into.
Social Media Analytics
Customers regularly talk about things they are satisfied and dissatisfied with. This can occur in a vast range of different contexts: from direct contact with companies to shoutouts on Twitter and mentions in passing.

Why is Social Media Analytics important?

Knowing how people are discussing your brand on Social Media is an essential insight for any modern-day business.
Understanding all these interactions is key for a business to remain reactive and take effective decisions.
But how to know what people are really talking about in a quantifiable and actionable way? This is where Gavagai comes in.

How does Gavagai handle Social Media Analytics?

Gavagai has two key products to help any business get the most out of Social Media Analytics: Gavagai Monitor and Gavagai Explorer.
Gavagai Explorer is a state of the art tool for the analysis of textual data, including text from social media. Most social media data consists of unstructured text. To make sense of what people are actually saying, techniques from Natural Language Processing and Data Science are needed. We use Topic Modelling and Sentiment Analysis to extract actionable insights from your data.

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