Gavagai’s text analytics software Explorer has an API that allows you to integrate your unstructured text data into your business intelligence ecosystem. 

Explorer customers can integrate Explorer via API with their own data analytics pipelines. This enables a seamless, constant, and continuous addition of analytic insights from text data to complement and correlate with other internal or external data sources. Consequently, customers can create advanced analytics results which combines their quantitative data with the qualitative insights from the unstructured text data. From this they can visualize data, in real-time, in internal or external dashboards to satisfy the needs of stakeholders throughout the company.

By enriching your quantitative business data with qualitative customer input from for example emails, reviews or surveys, you will be able to learn more about your customers wants and needs and what drives your business. Gavagai’s integrated customer insight solution is used by companies in industries ranging from banking to retail.

Integrate your unstructured text data into your business intelligence ecosystem using Explorer API.

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Integrate your unstructured text data into your business intelligence ecosystem using Explorer API.

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Get actionable insights with integrated data

A well known telecom company combines text analytics data of transcriptions of customer support phone calls with meta-data about the call, to find insights about business drivers that need to be addressed as well by correlating business drivers found by analyzing the transactional data with quantitative meta-data such as call length, repeat call counts, and customer agent IDs, it is easy to see which service aspects have problem or perform well.

However, integrated customer insight is utilized in many different industries.

This is is what Kantar Sifo has to say about the solution:

We have worked with Gavagai for a few years now and they have become an integrated part of our analytical offering and process. We use Gavagai Explorer to continuously analyze large amounts of social and editorial content as well as open ended customer and employee feedback.

Gavagai's automated analysis allows us to scale our operations and brings considerable value to our customers, where we combine it with our own expertise in areas such as Reputation and Customer Experience. Gavagai Explorer is unique in providing support for all Nordic languages as well as most other relevant languages. Kantar Sifo sees Gavagai as a long term partner and together we will continue to develop and deliver market leading analytics and insights in a rapidly changing market.

Per Söderpalm
Business Area Director Kantar Sifo Kantar – Leading Market Research company

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