Employee experience is the field of analyzing and determining factors that make employees happy and motivated. To ensure motivated employees who advocate on your behalf, you need to know what matters most to them.

Many survey and analysis methods are prone to bias or human error. Leading questions, limited answer options and manual subjective analysis can skew results and hide key insights. 

The best insights can be found from analyzing open-ended text. Key factors can be surfaced through polls and directed survey questions, but by seeing what employees say without leading questions, you get an honest view of what is top-of-mind. 

However, manual analysis of open-ended text is not the solution. The process is time-consuming, and prone to bias and human error. The cost of conducting an employee survey becomes so great that most companies limit these to annual surveys, meaning they can go as long as 12 months before key factors are brought to leadership’s attention.

A leading business can not afford to miss out on key factors that attract employees, or push existing co-workers to look elsewhere. To identify and weigh satisfaction drivers, your team needs a way to aggregate and analyze all the data in front of them.

Understanding the employee experience is
the first step to motivated employees.

Become a truly desirable employer with the right insights

Our text analytics software Explorer lets you analyse unstructured text data and is used by leading employer branding experts such as Great Place to Work to draw actionable conclusions from employee feedback and surveys. The tool analyses your data sets and presents employee insights in minutes, making it faster and easier to find the insights that matters most.

Gavagai employee insights in action

Here are examples of instant insights from analyzing public employee reviews using Gavagai Explorer:

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