Many companies struggle with an effective process of gaining insight from unstructured text data sets.

With Explorer, anyone can analyze open ended text responses in minutes – and get the results visualized in a customer insight dashboard.

Gavagai’s text analytics software Explorer lets you upload data sets with customer feedback (such as survey results or reviews), and gain insight about what is driving satisfaction and profitability using correlation statistics.

For example, analysts can use the tool to find critical insights about how to improve pricing, packaging, marketing, customer service and customer experience. The models for your text analysis that are created in Explorer are customizable for your business, and can easily be reutilized for new projects.

The customer insight dashboard solution is right for your business if you are looking for an easy way to analyse unstructured text and explain the insights to non-technical stakeholders.

The customer insight dashboard is used to increase customer satisfaction by clients in many different industries, ranging from financial services and telecommunications to market research and retailers.

Dashboard Live Example:

Save time and get actionable insights

Corporations are classifying and categorizing text answers
a lot of customer surveys. It’s a process that can
often take hours, making it difficult to find the
insights in affordable time and effort. With the
help of Explorer, it takes seconds.

This is what one of our clients in the financial
industry has to say about using the tool:

“Instead of hours of reading, we get our insights in seconds. We direct the comments to where it belongs and they can do something about. We can give the true picture – not just an aggregated view”.

“Being able to understand text, but without having to sit through. Because we do a lot of surveys. And what we can get here is a way to classify and categorize the comments that we get from our customers, so we can actually use their feedback.”

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