Amplify your Voice of the Customer initiatives with text analysis

Organizations include open-ended questions in surveys and other customer feedback channels for good reasons. The words people use to answer a question tell a lot about what they think and how they feel.

They provide more varied and detailed information than closed-ended questions do. We need to analyze these unstructured, text-based responses and comments to discover the why behind numerical ratings, surface root causes of satisfaction and sentiment and explore unexpected insights, not covered by closed-ended questions.

Unstructured feedback effectively adds a qualitative, exploratory component to our quantitative analyses, making it more useful and actionable. But traditionally, the analysis of text responses has been time-consuming and expensive, often limiting our ability to unlock their full value.

Gavagai’s text analytics technology enables the analysis of these unstructured comments with quality, high speed and affordable costs, unleashing the potential of this valuable feedback.

Who can benefit


Distill the voice of the customer out of unstructured comments in surveys, panels, etc. and put it into the hands of your teams.

Voice of the Customer product vendors

Serve your customers better by extending your product or service with the most agile feedback analytics technology.

Market research agencies

Speed up your process with text analyzing capabilities.

What’s in it for me?


Segment your audience based on their opinions, attitudes and behaviors, detect unmet needs, and explore brand associations. 


Develop products that people love by analyzing customers’ needs, satisfaction with features, and perceptions about your products and competition.


Discover dissatisfaction drivers and deliver breakthrough experiences that reduce churn and drive loyalty from your customers. 

An agile, discovery-oriented solution

One of the main difficulties when analyzing unstructured comments is that we often do not know a priori what they are talking about. We need a tool that is able to discover those significant aspects of the conversation to organize our analysis around them, effectively finding answers for questions we never thought to ask.

Gavagai Explorer provides a process that offers valuable insights without the need for complex training of the system, which can be adapted to the particularities of each client in a simple way, without the need for knowledge of machine learning or natural language processing.

Gavagai Explorer is the ideal product for enterprise environments, for its ability to integrate into your ecosystem to absorb multiple sources of information and disseminate the results through built-in and third-party tools and for its inherent scalability in multi-client, multi-country and multi-language scenarios.


Thanks to its advanced AI, and without any previous configuration or model training, Explorer is able to surface the most relevant topics emerging from the comments and to analyze sentiment and other meaningful language features.

Adapt and customize

Refine your analysis, tailoring it to your domain for maximum relevance, without either extensive configuration and training of the system or the need to be a data scientist.


Incorporate Explorer within your ecosystem, absorbing multiple sources of data (surveys and customer feedback management tools, CRM) to get a complete picture of your customer. Consume insights via your favorite visualization tools. Integrate via our open APIs and packaged connectors and seamlessly embed into your product via white-label options.

Better insights, faster

Leverage the Explorer’s automatic discovery features and its interactive modeling tools to achieve actionable insights and a time-to-benefit of minutes, not days.

Collaborate, disseminate and act

Work with your team on shared projects, distill the insights into compelling graphs and dashboards and distribute them to achieve maximum actionability.

Systematize and exploit

Synthesize your analysis in customized, reusable models that can be shared, updated and used for your recurrent analyses in different projects.

Scale your multilingual initiatives

Seamlessly collaborate in multinational, multilingual projects thanks to the Explorer’s native coverage of 47 languages and the automatic translation of models.

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