Drive effectiveness, efficiency & compliance by analyzing every customer interaction

The omni-channel contact center is becoming the primary hub where customer experiences are shaped. The most advanced companies are moving away from considering it a cost center and using it as a key resource in their customer acquisition and retention strategies to achieve their business objectives.

But in this new normal where activity and contacts (both from customers and in the contact center itself) are more remote, the pressures to make the contact center more effective, efficient and compliant have multiplied.

Traditionally, this optimization has been done through essentially manual activities: customer response, agent coaching, regulatory compliance, quality assurance. But with increased interaction volumes this is no longer an option.

Gavagai’s language technology
allows to automatically analyze and understand in detail 100% of the interactions in the contact center, providing real-time information that enables to optimally route calls, guide agents, help them find answers, check compliance with internal processes and legal regulations, prevent fraud and increase customer satisfaction with the service.

Who can benefit


Turn your internal contact center into the most effective and efficient source of customer experience feedback.

Contact center software providers

Contact center software providers embed interaction analytics into their products to automate many manual processes, and enhance trend analytics capabilities.

Business process outsourcers

Delight your enterprise customers, providing them with a high-quality service, and reduce your operational costs.

What’s in it for me?

Contact center

Connect with your customers, persuade them and comply with procedures thanks to real-time call analysis and guidance.

Contact center

Virtually “walk the floor” of the contact center, detecting out-of-control calls, and providing real-time feedback and coaching.

Contact center

Delight your customers (internal or external), reduce operational costs and compliance risks and increase quality, satisfaction and profit. 

Interaction Analytics To Discover Insights That Drive Effectiveness, Efficiency And Compliance

Interaction analytics to discover insights that drive effectiveness, efficiency and compliance. One of the main challenges in contact center optimization is that many activities have traditionally been performed manually and necessarily based on the analysis of limited interaction samples. Gavagai’s interaction analytics solution can understand and extract deep insights from those interactions: topics, intentions, (dis)satisfaction drivers, products and competitors mentioned, adherence to scripts and processes, call outcome, etc.

Gavagai’s well-documented and standardized APIs allow it to be embedded into the contact center application ecosystem and ingest all types of interactions. Its advanced AI allows to distill business-oriented insights from all these conversations without the need to invest in model training or dictionary creation beforehand, regardless of the domain.

In addition, Gavagai’s interactive tools allow you to refine the analysis depending on the application and objectives, for maximum insight relevance. Finally, these insights can be consumed by corporate applications and analytics systems to feed real-time interaction guidance (to help handle objections or prevent churn), detect problems (e.g., non-compliance) or identify best practices.


Integrate Explorer into your contact center ecosystem: infrastructure, call distribution, call transcripts, email, chat, messaging, quality assurance, etc. and ingest rich omni-channel conversations.

Adapt and iterate

Use Explorer’s graphical tools to implement an agile, iterative process of refinement of your analysis, to achieve maximum accuracy and relevance to your application, without the need to code or to be a data scientist.


Understand in depth omnichannel conversations without any previous configuration or model training, to uncover the insights that you need to focus your analysis.

Actionable insights

Distill the insights that you need to improve your business and increase customer satisfaction: intention, upsale, churn or non-compliance signals, satisfaction drivers, etc. delivered in real-time.

Optimize, comply

Automatically route calls to the most appropriate agents, guide and coach them in real-time to help them connect and persuade, reduce costs by tackling call root causes, avoid non-compliance and fraud risks and discover and replicate best practices across your contact center.


Systematize and replicate your optimization-oriented analyses by converting them into models to be used recurrently across time periods and organizations.

Go multinational

Expand internationally your optimization initiatives, thanks to Explorer’s native understanding of 40+languages and its capability to automatically migrate analyses and models from a language to another.

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