Use insights from every conversation to improve customer experiences

In today’s changing competitive environment, it is no longer enough to survey customers’ opinions periodically with traditional VoC programs. Now it is mandatory to understand their perceptions across all customer touchpoints and channels, to personalize and enhance their experiences at scale. The customer lifecycle journey now relies heavily on digital experiences, and this requires us to analyze customer interactions through the omni-channel contact center (phone, email, chat…), and social media (forums, review sites…).

This possibility takes us beyond the traditional solicited feedback to get a complete and accurate view of customers, based on more spontaneous and authentic expressions that help us reveal unexpected insights related to their needs, perceptions and journeys.

Exhaustive analysis of 100% of interactions allows us to discover patterns and insights on a large scale (not based on samples), which help us to personalize their experiences in real time, delight them and drive satisfaction and loyalty. With Gavagai’s interaction analytics, move from periodically soliciting customer feedback to achieving maximum lifetime value.

Who can benefit


Move from soliciting feedback to proactively understanding customer interactions along all touchpoints with your brand.

CX management product vendors and consulting agencies

Extend and differentiate your product or service by embedding the capability to analyze omnichannel interactions at scale.

What’s in it for me?

Customer experience

Move from soliciting feedback to proactively understanding customer interactions along all touchpoints with your brand. 


Optimize and personalize experiences in real-time that delight your customers and drive loyalty and growth.


Understand customer behaviors and opinions associated with business outcomes (churn, advocacy) and maximize customer lifetime value,

Delivering superior experiences through customer understanding

Delivering a superior customer experience requires a deep understanding of the customer. Gavagai’s solutions enable companies to hone in on customer expectations and proactively personalize and anticipate changes to the customer experience to increase satisfaction before issues become detrimental to their business.

Gavagai connects to all the most common interaction channels and receives in real-time rich conversations in call transcripts, email, chat, or social, building a complete and accurate view of each customer. Its powerful AI enables you to discover the most relevant insights (satisfaction drivers, emotions, intentions) from scratch, without the need to train the system or to invest in creating custom models or use stale industry taxonomies.

This analysis can be further refined by the business users via an agile, iterative process based on interactive tools and without the need to code. The resulting insights are activated to inform personalization and experience improvement decisions in real-time, to delight customers and increase their satisfaction, loyalty, and lifetime value. Gavagai’s native understanding of more than 40 languages enables you to scale up the analysis to international projects, making it the tool of choice for multinational enterprises.


Connect Explorer to your customer channels (voice, email, chat, social) via well-documented, standardized APIs and ingest in real-time the rich interactions that shape the customer experiences.


Without any previous configuration or model training, Explorer discovers meaningful topics, opinions, satisfaction drivers, intentions, and other insights in the conversations. Find answers to questions that you never thought to ask.

Refine and tailor

Use Explorer’s interactive tools and your knowledge domain to refine the analysis and totally adapt it to your application, for maximum accuracy and relevance, without the need to be a data scientist.

Breakthrough insights in real-time

Analyze incoming interactions as they are produced and extract high-value insights (emotions, intentions) in real-time.

Share and reuse

Turn your refined analysis into a model that you can share among different initiatives and reuse recurrently.

Expand internationally

Extend your CX improvement initiatives internationally in a seamless manner thanks to Gavagai’s 47-language native coverage and automatic model translation.

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