Get insights from unstructured
text data

Gavagai Explorer is the best text analysis tool for companies that want to keep track of what their customers think – regardless of which language they speak.

Explorer analyzes texts in 47 languages. The texts get automatically analyzed and the results are presented in
interactive and share-able Dashboards.

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Understand what thousands think in a matter of minutes

Explore what all your customers are saying in their own language. Upload your texts – in Excel or CSV format – and start getting results immediately. You don’t have to be a data scientist to work with the latest AI-driven analysis. Get actionable insights from hundreds of thousands of feedback texts in minutes.

Unstructured text data

Unstructured text data is hard to analyze

With increasing data volumes in varying languages across many channels, it is difficult to stay in touch with what your customers want and feel.


Automated text analysis often requires extensive technical skills

Previous attempts automating this analysis have been expensive and cumbersome to use. With Gavagai Explorer, even a non-expert can be productive within minutes.


Manual analysis is expensive and error-prone

It is difficult to ensure quality and consistency in complex projects with multiple languages, which may cause lost revenue or even losing a project.

All the features needed for advanced text analytics

Save and re-use

A model of analysis can be saved for future use, for example, if you want to monitor trends in the answers to similar questions over time.​

Discover key topics in the texts

Gavagai Explorer lets you discover topics automatically - there is no need to pre-define them. You can modify the topics that the system suggests and even add new ones.

A wider range of sentiments

Gavagai Explorer defines not only Positivity and Negativity in the texts, but even Love, Fear, Hate, Violence, Desire and Skepticism.

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Here’s how it works

1. Upload your texts

Upload a .CSV or Excel file with your survey responses, reviews, or support ticket texts, in any of 47 languages.

Up to 250 000 texts of any length. Include as many extra columns as you want (date, age, gender, store ID etc.)

If you don’t have your own text data, Explorer can scrape online reviews from 50+ sites!


2. Easily adapt the AI model

Forget Black-box technology! Explorer automatically generates topics, topic sentiment, and topics’ impact on NPS. But you can easily refine the model to fit your specific product or industry

Visual3 (1)

3. View and share results in an interactive dashboard

Analysis results are visualized in an interactive dashboard that lets you drill down into topics and correlations to get new insights. 

When you’re finished, get a sharing link for your stakeholders or clients – all they need is the link to view the analysis results!


4. Export and develop

Explorer also lets you export your results in raw data form, so you can process them in Excel, Bi solutions and more. 

You can also save the analysis model and apply it to similar surveys or projects in the future.


The Explorer Pricing & Features

Explorer Subscription

1200 credits/month


Selected amount of projects slots :

Explorer Enterprise

Custom amount of credits/month


Custom amount of projects slots
Additional enterprise features
are available at additional cost.

Please contact us for more information.

Included features:

  • Can be deployed on-premise
  • Buy extra credits at any time
  • Bought credits never expire
  • Individual user account
  • Excel and CSV support for text input
  • Native support for 47 languages
  • Analyze one language in each project
  • Filters for multiple variables
  • Export results to several formats
  • Theme wheels visualization
  • Sentiment analysis including positivity, negativity, love, hate, fear, skepticism, violence, desire.
  • Summarization of texts
  • Explorer API access
  • Append text to existing project
  • Keep several projects in your account
  • Unlimited creation and deletion of projects within each slot
  • Project slots in the manager account are available to all managed accounts
  • Create your own sentiment types using a powerful tool
  • Save a project as a model to reuse in other projects
  • Upload Excel file with model
  • Change the behaviour of standard sentiments
  • Add to or remove from standard sentiments
  • Apply custom sentiments to one or several projects
  • Enable automatic modification of topics when data is added to a project
  • Ngram topic terms containing your specified term will be added automatically
  • Email notification of modified topics
  • Get data from various sources
  • Use the data to analyze in Explorer
  • Example sources: Google, TripAdvisor, Trustpilot

Read more about data scraping

  • Synchronize from one language to another
  • Automatic translations of terms from one project to another
  • Share synchronized model with team members
  • Share model with another user
  • Manage many user accounts from one main account
  • Centralize billing to one account
  • Share credits accross all accounts
  • Use the Gavagai API ( with your custom concepts
  • Monthly e-invoice available
  • Annual pre-paid invoicing available

How to determine the plan I need?

Gavagai Explorer is a pay-as-you-go web based service; you only pay for what you use. To simplify paying for Explorer we offer automated subscriptions that renew each month and that you can pause and resume as necessary.

In Explorer you put the texts you want to analyze into a project. Each text is typically a review, a piece of user feedback or similar. A project should contain all relevant texts for one survey question, or all the reviews for one app, or whatever your data is about.

There are three aspects to paying for Explorer:

  • Which features do you need? Look in the price list below and choose either Subscription or Enterprise. We add new features continuously.
  • How many texts do you need to analyze? Each plan includes a number of credits each month. Analyzing one text requires one credit – reanalyzing it within the same project is free. Each text can have other data (meta-data) in separate columns which can be used for filtering or comparing results in the analysis – at no extra cost. You can purchase extra credits at any time. Credits never expire.
  • How many concurrent projects do you want to run in your account? Each account allows for a number of concurrent projects or “project slots”. In each slot you can create, analyze, and then delete any number of projects, one after another. If you need to analyze several projects concurrently you will need several project slots

Do credits expire? 

No, as long as your account is active, the credits roll over to the next month.

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