Use our technology with your favourite software

Imagine if you could get sentiment analysis on all the text that you have in Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel. Or if you could look up a word in the Gavagai Living Lexicon right from your browser. Now you can, using our plugins and add-ons. Here is the current selection of tools that we offer. More will be added as they become available.

Google spreadsheets add-on for sentiment analysis

Multi-lingual Sentiment Analysis, 28 languages, 8 standard sentiments: hate, desire, love, skepticism, violence, fear, positive, negative – on absolute and normalized (volume adjusted) basis. Text analytics application. Quantify attitudes in texts. Using state-of-art Artificial Intelligence beyond polarity for multi-dimensional classification of emotions. A free api key lets you use our multidimensional sentiment scoring in your own Google Spreadsheet. Also, for the markets’ most sophisticated tool for text analysis – check out our Gavagai Explorer. Easy to use. Free trial.

Gavagai Sentiment Add-on in the Chrome Web Store

Gavagai NPM

A Gavagai API helper library for Node.js. This package will help you make API calls to the Gavagai API from your node based app.

A Gavagai API helper library

Google chrome plugin for Gavagai Lexicon

Mark an expression, right click on it and choose “Look up in Gavagai Lexicon”. A new tab will be opened in your browser with the search results on your expression in Gavagai Lexicon.

Add the plugin from the Chrome Web Store

Troll hunter plugin for WordPress

A plugin to automatically moderate messages in six different languages and block those that contain hateful, degrading, or slanderous language.

Get the Troll Hunter WordPress plugin

Excel plugin for sentiment analysis

An add-in to use the Gavagai API tonality and keywords endpoints directly on your Excel data.

With sentiment analysis you can identify and extract subjective information from texts. This new Gavagai plug-in gives you all the benefits of sentiment analysis directly in your Excel spreadsheets.
Gavagai uses advanced algorithms to go “beyond polarity” of usual positive, negative or neutral sentiments and provides multi-dimensional sentiment classification for the emotional states “hate”, “desire”, “love”, “skepticism”, “violence”, and “fear”, in addition to “positive” and “negative”. Just download the package and follow the instructions.

Download the Excel add-in