What is Looker Studio?

Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio) is a free-to-use web-based visualization tool developed by Google. With Looker Studio, you can convert data points into customizable interactive reports and dashboards. More than 500 official and community connectors allow you to connect to different datasources.

The Gavagai Explorer Looker Studio Connector

Our certified built-in connector allows you to connect to your Gavagai Explorer project data, providing you with almost endless possibilities to visualize your data from reviews, NPS surveys, support tickets, and many more.

Create insightful presentations

Present insights using live examples and make use of dynamic filtering to enrich your slide deck.

Visualize your data in powerful dashboards

Showcase your analysis with the help of an interactive dashboard to highlight important findings segmented by meta data, topics, and sentiments.

Easy to connect

A connector that is set up in mere seconds. Select your exported project and get started immediately with one of our templates.

Easy to use

Drag and drop different types of charts, controls, and visual elements. Beginner-friendly and with a whole library of help articles and tutorials for more advanced techniques.

Easy to share

Share your reports with exactly the people you want. Collaborate together with your colleagues and assign view access to end customers.

Fully customizable

Create custom metrics from your Gavagai Explorer data. Blend different data sources from Google as well as over 500 community connectors.

Complete control

Choose exactly which data from your project you want to display to your audience. Full control thanks to version management, change control, and iterative publishing.

White labeling made simple

Create trust and loyalty by customizing the style of your reports and aligning them to your own brand image.

New to Gavagai?

Quantify your qualitative data, uncover your unknown unknowns, and visualize your findings in Looker Studio.

Free trial version available.

Are you ready to get started? Connect your Gavagai Explorer projects to Looker Studio via the Looker Studio Partner Connectors Gallery.

Technical questions? Check out our support portal for more information.

The tools and data provided are subject to Gavagai’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.


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