We'll analyze feedback from your customers - and get you the insights

Get the answers you need to improve your offer or product. Gavagai’s Full Service solution will help you to achieve a successful feedback analysis project – from end to end – guaranteed.

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If you are not happy with the results you don’t pay. By full service we mean that we remove any obstacles, like cleaning data or learning the tools, to get you to the end result faster.

Let us work out what you need to fix and what to keep doing to make your customers or employees happy!

How does it work?

Get us your review texts – up to 5000 reviews

We’ll clean and prepare the data – Making sure everything looks right

We run the analysis – Using cutting-edge AI language technology

We create interactive reports – Including dashboards you can share

We’ll walk you through it – How we analyzed and reached conclusions

We’ll help you get started on your own – You get all the project files and we’ll give you and your teammmates a detailed onboarding so you can continue to gain insights!


Gavagai are experts in AI-powered semantic analysis:
Finding out what people think is most important about a product, brand or employer.

Some of the leading companies using Gavagai services today:

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