Gavagai Explorer

Gavagai Explorer specializes in qualitative to quantitative analysis of text. We have integrated with leading technology companies so that you can make the most of your analysis. From data collection methods to visualizations, these integrations will help you make the most of your open-ended survey responses.


SurveyMonkey is the world’s most popular online survey software. SurveyMonkey’s platform makes it easy to create polls and survey questionnaires that help you better manage essential aspects of your business like customer satisfaction and employee engagement. Now you can analyze open-ended survey responses from SurveyMonkey in 47 languages using the Gavagai Explorer. Here you can learn more.

Gavagai Closer


Quickly and easily get important information from Fortnox using chat: Gavagai Closer for Fortnox is a chatbot for chatting with your instance of Fortnox and it is available now in the Fortnox marketplace. See our Gavagai Closer for Fortnox page to learn more.

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