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Get information from Fortnox using a chatbot

Quickly and easily get important information from Fortnox using chat: “Gavagai Chatbot” is a chatbot for chatting with your instance of Fortnox and it is available now in the Fortnox marketplace.

This is an early test version of the chatbot and we will continue teaching it more skills. As it learns we will add the skills in this list. Right now the bot knows the following skills:

  1. You can ask it to calculate the revenue of the last month of any customer: “How much revenue has X generated” (but use Swedish!).
  2. What is our organization number?

Language support

Currently the chatbot knows how to speak Swedish. We will add support for more languages in the future. Please contact us if you have any suggestions for which languages we should add.


To install the app in the Fortnox market place you need to have administrative rights in Fortnox. That means that only admins in Fortnox can use the chatbot for now (soon it will possible for non-admins as well).

Why use this app?

  • Ask revenue questions. Ask about the revenue for any of your customers.
  • Simple to use. You talk to it in a chat.
  • Fast. Much faster than logging in to Fortnox.
  • Cheap. Only 29 kr / month.

  • Anyone in your company can use it. This improves information sharing and makes work more flexible.
  • You can influence its skill set. Just tell the bot what you want it to do and we will try to teach it.
  • No long contract. You can stop your subscription at any time.
Gavagai Closer for Fortnox screenshot
A screenshot of Gavagai Closer for Fortnox in action

If you have any questions or comments, or if you have suggestions about what we should teach the chatbot you can contact us by email at

Best regards,
The Gavagai Closer Team

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