Explore – Analyze – Get Insights

Gavagai Explorer is a tool for companies that want to keep track of what their customers think – regardless of how many they are or which language they speak.

Explorer can analyze texts in any of 46 languages, and present the results in interactive and share-able Dashboards.

The problem

Finding out what the customer thinks may sound easy. You just send them a survey, right? The problem is that you have to guess which questions to ask – “Were you satisfied with how the customer representative resolved your question?”, “Were you satisfied with the waiting time on the phone?”, etc. If you are going to list all the potential things the customer could be concerned about, the survey will be ridiculously long, and people won’t answer it. And chances are that you still haven’t asked the right question.

The solution

So instead of guessing what the customer wants, you could let them tell you, that is, have an open answer. In the extreme case, you just ask one question: “What do you think?”. The problem with this is how to analyze this. If you have a few hundred answers, one person could read through them and summarize. But what if you have thousands of answers each month?
Various methods have been tried when it comes to automating the analysis of open text. But it turns out to be a surprisingly complex problem.

Gavagai to the rescue

This is exactly the problem that Gavagai solves. Through many years of research and development, we have built a tool that more or less automatically does the analysis, finds the topics that people are most concerned about, and within those topics determines what the major sentiments are. This means that we can find what is working (do more of that) and what is not working (fix it).