Access to review data from online sources

Now you can scrape and download review data from over 50 different online sources; data that you can analyze in Explorer. At no extra charge.

Customizable sentiments

Your domain may require customization of sentiment measurements. ‘Soft’ tissue paper is good; ‘soft’ teeth are bad. Read more about sentiment customization here.

Save and re-use models

A model of analysis can be saved for future use, for example, if you want to monitor trends in the answers to similar questions over time.

Discover key topics in the texts

Gavagai Explorer lets you discover key topics automatically – there is no need to predefine them. You can modify the topics that the system suggests and even add new ones. And you can even make topic definitions change automatically when new data is added to the project: read more about the auto-add terms feature.

A wider range of sentiments

Gavagai Explorer defines not only Positivity and Negativity in the texts, but even Love, Fear, Hate, Violence, Desire and Skepticism, for every language.

Get the most of metadata

Meta-data and NPS can affect the composition and strengths of topics. Gavagai Explorer allows you to apply various filters to discover and model these connections.

Cross-language analysis

Start analysis in one language, save the model, and it is automatically translated to projects in other languages. This makes working with multiple languages very easy and also allows you to control cross-project consistency.

Easy integration using APIs

Gavagai Explorer functionality is easy to integrate into any production pipeline using the provided RESTful APIs.

Custom Concepts

You can define your own custom concepts like profanity or buying propensity and measure them over time or across demographics.

Automatic multiword expressions

“San Francisco”, “Feliz navidad”, “God morgon”; some sequences of words just belong together. We call them N-grams and Explorer knows about them automatically so you don’t have to keep track of them yourself. In any language.

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