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Competition in the retail space is fierce – but when you know exactly what matters most you’ll be able to win hearts and minds of shoppers everywhere

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Here are examples of instant insights from analyzing public text data about retail using Gavagai Explorer

Amazon shopper feedback
H&M New York Flagship Reviews
Reviews about
Employee Feedback about Best Buy

…and many more

One very helpful thing is that shoppers are now more willing than ever to send feedback about your store or shopping experience. That open ended text where customers give you their top of mind is where a lot of customer experience gains can be found.

Consistently reading and analyzing all the texts is very difficult to do. In a perfect world you would have asked a survey specifying every aspect of your business so you would never get surprised in the open ended text, but that is not possible.

AI-powered insights into your shopping experience

With Gavagai Explorer you can ask an open ended question and read all the open ended answers to start understanding what the most important topics from your customers are, all in a simple to use web tool.

Analysts in retail industries are leveraging their text data to improve satisfaction across all channels. When they analyze all the texts they can start to see trends, verify hypothesis, and discover completely new topics for stakeholders to focus on.

When you analyze all the texts in Explorer, you can start to see trends, verify hypotheses, and discover completely new areas for stakeholders to focus on.

More shopping experiences instantly analyzed with Explorer

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