Effective treatment and efficient practices using text analytics

Some examples of instant insights around Health and Pharma

    Leading Swedish Pharmacy Apotek Hjärtat uses Gavagai to better help their customers

    Patient care and improving treatment effectiveness are some of the most important priorities at hospitals. Many leading hospitals are doing surveys to try and improve the care for patients. However, sometimes the surveys miss important questions because a survey can only have so many questions. Unless you let the patient or healthcare professional answer in an open ended format.

    Human error and bias can easily affect analysis of open-ended text data – unless you use the right tools to model the data and process the results.

    Quickly find out how to improve your practice and help patients

    After collecting open ended questions, the difficult part is analyzing all the text data. In a lot of cases, the text data has deeper insights than a 1 – 10 score rating because the respondents are sharing exactly why they are happy or unhappy. With The Gavagai Explorer you can analyze the text data and find exactly what your patients or healthcare professionals need.

    You will be able to discover key topics from the text data that is driving satisfaction. Quickly find new issues to work on or track issues across time. With The Gavagai Explorer you can finally  find and analyze text data quickly and easily.

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