The market moves fast
– So should your insights

Usually a survey is done on consumers to try to understand them to meet customer expectations. A survey usually ends up in two different directions, you have a lot of data about things that won’t lead to a lot of insights or you ask very detailed open ended questions on a small sample. Both ways have some challenges which can lead you astray.

Staying ahead using Gavagai

Launching larger surveys that also have detailed questions is better because you could get the fuller picture. However, detailed questions mean open ended responses. Analyzing surveys with many open ended responses becomes difficult to manage with all that text data.

Instant insights to help you keep pace with customer needs

With The Gavagai Explorer you can upload your survey data to analyze almost a million open ended text responses in conjunction with your quantitative data so you can get a better understanding of your customers and the different segments. Analysts are using The Gavagai Explorer to extract the topics and sentiments to understand what to focus on.

Analysts can analyze text data and explore what is driving customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction with a powerful simple to use application.

Some example of quick analysis for fast-moving consumer goods:

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