En rekommenderad svensk språkteknologisk terminologi

Viggo Kann (KTH), Lars Ahrenberg
(Linköping University), Rickard Domeij (Swedish Language Council),
Ola Karlsson (Swedish Language Council),
Jussi Karlgren,
Henrik Nilsson (Terminologicentrum), Joakim Nivre (Uppsala University)

In 2014 the Swedish Language Technology Terminology Group was created, with representatives from different parts of the language technology community, both higher education and research, industry and governmental agencies. In 2016 we have recommended Swedish terms for the 270 language technological concepts in the Bank of Finnish Terminology in Arts and Sciences. The language technology terms are published on folkets-lexikon.csc.kth.se/LTterminology, where anyone can lookup Swedish and English terms interactively and read the full list of terms. We also try to enter the most important Swedish terminology into the Swedish Wikipedia. We encourage use of these Swedish terms and welcome suggestions for improvements of the Swedish terminology.

Presented to the Sixth Swedish Language Technology Conference

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