Dead Man Tweeting

David Nilsson, Magnus Sahlgren, and Jussi Karlgren

This paper presents our first take at a text generator: Dead Man Tweeting, a system that learns semantic avatars from (dead) people’s texts, and makes the avatars come alive on Twitter. The system includes a language model for generating sequences of words, a topic model for ensuring that the sequences are topically coherent, and a semantic model that ensures the avatars can be productive and generate novel sequences. The avatars are connected to Twitter and are triggered by keywords that are significant for each particular avatar.

We will be continuing the development of this first whimsical prototype for other projects where generating topical text is of interest.

Paper presented on May 28 at the RE-WOCHAT 2016 workshop on Collecting and Generating Resources for Chatbots and Conversational Agents Development and Evaluation, in conjunction with LREC 2016 in Portorož

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