Five new features in Gavagai Explorer

Welcome to our feature unboxing!

We hope you have had a wonderful summer! We surely had, and we spent it developing awesome new functionality to make working with the Explorer even better!

🥁*drum roll* 🥁

So here they are, five new features in Gavagai Explorer that you absolutely can’t miss!

#1: Out of Beta! Low-effort analysis thanks to Gavagai’s all new Advanced Modelling

Our new Advanced Modelling view delivers a smoother and more efficient experience to save you time during analysis.

Next month we will deprecate the old Advanced Modelling view. From September 1st, you will only be able to use the new Advanced Modelling. Let us know in case there is any functionality you are still missing inside the new Advanced Modelling page. Until the deprecation date, you will still be able to switch between the two views whenever you want.

With the release of the final version, we have also moved the Filter Data options from the settings page to the Advanced Modelling view. This way, filtering has become much easier and more efficient. 

The documentation has been updated to incorporate the new look and features. If you have any questions about functionality in the old or new Advanced Modelling view, you can contact us at and we will be more than happy to assist you. 

Or would you like to book a session where we show you around?

#2: No more compromises! With Rule-based topics, topic modelling has become tailored to exactly meet your needs

We have introduced a new type of topic: Rule-based topics. With rule-based topics, you can model complex topic relationships and receive even deeper insights about your data.

Rule-based topics replace the drivers functionality we already have, but are so much more powerful. Therefore, we have decided to discontinue drivers. All your drivers will be converted into rule-based topics when we deprecate the drivers functionality.

#3: Identify the language behind key emotional triggers with Sentiment Details

You can now easily see which sentiment terms make up your sentiment. This functionality is available on the project summary level, as well as for topics and  drivers.

You can dynamically filter your data by those terms to see examples where they have been used.

# 4: Making sense of complex data – visualize insights from Explorer in Google Data Studio

Visualize your data in your own preferred way. This helps you to faster be able to make decisions and take action on the insights you have gained.

You are probably already familiar with the Gavagai Dashboards, our integrated data visualization tool which uses carefully curated charts to help you visualize insights from your topic model. But maybe you have been missing the possibility to add other types of charts to better suit your metadata? Our Google Data Studio integration enables you to do exactly that, plus many more possibilities such as:

  • Comparing and blending data from different sources, such as two different Explorer projects, or Explorer data together with your Google Analytics analysis or ads performance.
  • Visualizing your data on several pages, as an interactive report, or in dashboard format.
  • Annotating your insights with further explanations, adding images, and more.
  • Using Google’s community visualizations to gain even more possibilities of looking at your data.

Which visualization tool(s) are you using? Would you like to see a connector for the Gavagai Explorer for your preferred tool?

#5: An optimized app experience has rolled out to all components of the Explorer

Have a look at our newly redesigned sections of the Explorer!

  • Concepts
  • Sentiment Customizations
  • Examples

Through adapting all of our frontend to Vue.js, we are able to deliver a more secure, faster, and smoother experience.

BONUS: Quality-of-Life improvements to smoothen your modelling experience

Apart from everything detailed above, we have introduced lots of other tweaks to many parts of the Explorer, such as:

  • You can now create reports directly in the reports section of the settings.
  • In the Excel and CSV reports, you can now easily select all pinned topics for sentiment analysis.
  • The Dashboard will remember your preferred color mode.
  • We have improved error messages for more clarity.
  • In the project search bar, you can now search by project id.
  • We have re-introduced the “Undo” functionality so you can undo your last modelling steps.

Did you know that we are constantly working on improving our languages in a process we call LQI – Language Quality Improvements? Recently, we have been focussing on Arabic, French, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, and Thai. Coming up next is Spanish.

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