VPN 24 users are disappointed with the subscription

Users are dissatisfied with VPN 24’s trial version and subscribing doesn’t seem to make a difference. Issues with refunds seem to be a recurring problem as well which infuriates customers.

Caption of a person holding a phone.


Average grade: 1,12 / 5
Occurrence rate: 8%
The sentiment has been decreasing since 2018. Correlating topics are “free” and “subscription”.


Average grade: 3,78 / 5
Occurrence rate: 4%
The sentiment has been increasing since February 2018. Correlating topics are “reliable” and “internet”.


Average grade: 1,00 / 5
Occurrence rate: 3%
The sentiment has been decreasing in 2020. Correlating topics are “please” and “apple”.


Average grade: 1,13 / 5
Occurrence rate: 8%
The sentiment decreased in 2019 though it been increasing since then. Correlating topics are “free” and “canceled”.

Caption of the topic “trial” from the dashboard of this analysis.

The research team at Gavagai performed this analysis using our AI-powered text analysis tool, Gavagai Explorer. All texts analyzed in this article are collected from public online data published on the App Store.

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