Language learning apps’ premium versions aren’t good enough

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Learning a language is never a bad idea and during the times of COVID-19, they’re the perfect solution for anyone in need to kill some time. We’ve therefore decided to analyze some of these language learning apps in order to find the best for you.

Why do we say this?

HelloTalk as well as HiNative and Tandem are about the same in terms of grading. Unfortunately, neither one of them is especially good. None of the apps manages to exceed the 3,00 / 5 grading for any topic except for HiNative with “notifications” at a 3,03 / 5 whilst the customers “account access” stoops down to about a 2,00 / 5 for each and every company. To customers, the “premium version” isn’t worth it whilst they’re spammed with “notifications” as well. They’re simply.. bad.

Caption from the comparative dashboard for the topic “premium version”.

There’s no real winner to our language learning apps and the only valuable information that we’re able to provide is that you probably shouldn’t use any of these apps. There are better ones out there and we’d recommend checking out our other language learning app reviews.

All texts for HelloTalk and HiNative analyzed in this article are collected from public online data published on Google Play. All texts for Tandem analyzed in this article are collected from public online data published on the App Store.

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