Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Natural Adult give dogs allergic reactions according to customers

The data speaks for itself. Something seems to be wrong with the ingredients – according to some customers they are not as clean and natural as said in the ads, and some dogs even have got allergic reactions. We would suggest they make this into a priority issue to solve.

Caption of beagle eating food.


Average grade: 3,92 / 5
Occurrence rate: 6%
Some claimed that the ingredients are not natural as they are advertised to be.


Average grade: 3,91 / 5
Occurrence rate: 4%
It seems that in some cases, the food had caused dogs to have allergic reactions.


Average grade: 3,86 / 5
Occurrence rate: 1%
Some complained that the subscription is expensive and that it was difficult to cancel the membership.

Caption of topic “ingredients” from Gavagai Explorer Dashboard.

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