The pump of NoseFrida Nasal Snot Spray is inefficient

NoseFrida should redesign their nasal sprays bottle. Apparently, the pump is inefficient, and sometimes, you’re unable to spray. The packaging lacks a protective seal as well.

Caption of a baby sneezing.
Photo: Sellers Patton


Average grade: 3,19 / 5
Occurrence rate: 11%
Some customers are having issues using their spray according to their flawed design.


Average grade: 2,65 / 5
Occurrence rate: 6%
Customers are annoyed that you’ll need to pump multiple times in order to use the nasal spray.


Average grade: 1,73 / 5
Occurrence rate: 2%
Sometimes, the packaging lacks a protective seal.

Caption of the topic “packaging” from the dashboard of this analysis.

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