Honeywell’s Tower Fan customers think it’s wasted plastic

Based on the insights, we would suggest they reduce the price of the Tower Fan Honeywell HTF210B or improve product quality, as soon as possible. As it is now, consumers don’t consider it price worthy. Also to rethink the design regarding how much plastic to use. Consumers are becoming more climate-friendly, make sure to be on the same page!

Caption of a girl sticking her tongue out in front of a fan.


Average grade: 3,14 / 5
Occurrence rate: 6%
Some claimed the fan to be overpriced considering the cheap quality.

Product quality

Average grade: 3,38 / 5
Occurrence rate: 2%
It’s related to the topic “price”. As mentioned previously, some complained about the fan being flimsy and of poor quality.

Plastic material

Average grade: 2,37 / 5
Occurrence rate: 1%
It was mentioned that some customers found the plastic parts to be just wasted space and unnecessary.

Caption of the topic “plastic material” from the dashboard of this analysis.

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