The bottle pump of Ayr Saline Nasal Gel keeps breaking according to customers

Ayr Saline’s nasal spray is difficult to hold while their pump design is of poor quality causing it to break quite often. They should also improve their packaging as most of the boxes’ seals had been broken upon arrival.

Caption of a person blowing their nose.


Average grade: 3,55 / 5
Occurrence rate: 5%
The bottle is difficult to hold since it’s too tall according to some customers.


Average grade: 3,67 / 5
Occurrence rate: 2%
It seems that the pump design is poor and broke on several occasions. It correlates with “bottle”.


Average grade: 2,44 / 5
Occurrence rate: 2%
Some claimed that the box seal was broken when the product arrived and that the packaging was bad as well.

Caption of the topic “bottle” from the dashboard of this analysis.

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