Salvador Dalí Museum, the museum with the expensive parking

Caption of the Salvador Dalí museum.
Photo: Dan Lundberg

Salvador Dali was a prominent surrealist painter that was born in Spain in 1904. He’s famous for paintings such as The Persistence of Memory and Swans Reflecting Elephants. Dali managed to create roughly 1 500 works of art which included paintings, literary works, and film. He was a truly remarkable artist that’s celebrated to this day which is why we’ll analyze The Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida, have they managed to honor his memory, or simply failed?

What did we find out?

Visitors are quite pleased with the museum’s “docent tours” and grade them at a high 4,77 / 5. Customers find them interesting and descriptive. The building in itself is also admired by visitors and a whopping 32% of all reviews mention the building. Their parking does, however, seem a tad too expensive according to customers.

Caption of all the topics from the dashboard of this analysis.


Caption of a part of the painting “Portrait of Madame Isabel Styler-tas”.

All in all, it does seem like the museum is a hit, they’ve managed to preserve Dali’s memory by having a professional and exceptional docent tour. The building is also well received however their parking is somewhat pricey. Maybe they should either lower the price or raise the quality of parking?

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