Is Pzizz frightening its users?

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Insight nr. Ⅰ
The topic “sound” occurred in 11% of the reviews and has an average grade of 3,91 / 5. It’s related to the topic “voice”. Some complained that the music is repetitive and that the audio stops playing randomly. It was also mentioned that in some cases, some thought that the background music and voices were terrifying rather than soothing.

Insight nr. Ⅱ
The topic “subscription” occurred in 8% of the reviews and has an average grade of 3,10 / 5. It seems that to some the subscription service is too expensive having to pay a monthly fee. It was also mentioned that you have to go to your Apple subscriptions to cancel your membership, which isn’t clear to everyone.

Insight nr. Ⅲ
The topic “voice” occurred in 6% of the reviews and has an average grade of 3,72 / 5. It’s related to “sound”. As mentioned previously, some claimed some of the voices to not be relaxing but instead creeping them out or just annoying.

Caption of the topic “sound” from the dashboard of this analysis.
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Conclusion and suggestion

One of our most interesting insights is that many users find the music to be terrifying rather than relaxing. Why is this? We suggest Pzizz improve the creepy music in order to keep their users on board. Other suggestions are to try to create a wider selection of background music and voice-overs and to reduce the price for the subscription. Or to implement a version where you only have to pay once? Except from this, Pzizz receives many thumbs up – an app with potential!

The research team at Gavagai performed this analysis using our AI-powered text analysis tool, Gavagai Explorer. All texts analyzed in this article are collected from public online data published on the App Store.

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