Museo Internacional del Barroco, an interactive museum at a steady decline

Caption of the Museo Internacional del Barroco.
Photo: Fraguando

The Baroque reigned from around 1700 till 1750 and was a period of grandeur and brilliance. Nothing was ever simple, it had to be complex and beautiful yet induce awe among humans. The period is also known for its advancement in music and some of its famous composers were Bach as well as Vivaldi. Nonetheless, we wanted to find out if the Baroque still, manages to induce awe and appall or if, we simply, regard it as art. We’ve thus decided to analyze the Museo International del Barocco.

Why do we say this?

Visitors love the museum’s modern approach towards presentation and are quite fond of their explanatory videos. It’s an “interactive” museum that raptures customers. The modernity of the “building” is also highly appreciated and the actual building is rated at 4,47 / 5. The topic’s sentiment has however decreased quite rapidly since 2018. Furthermore, the “exhibitions” are highly graded at 4,63 / 5, and visitors are enchanted by the temporary, as well as permanent exhibitions.

Caption of all the topics from the dashboard of this analysis.


Caption of “Ahimelech Giving the Sword of Goliath to David”.

The Museo Internacional del Barroco is modern, interactive and their art, as well as exhibitions, are perfect. Visitors love the museum and there’s little to be changed, it’s an amazing experience and we urge people to visit this museum. The building’s sentiment has however decreased which is somewhat worrisome. What happened back in 2018?

The research team at Gavagai performed this analysis using our AI-powered text analysis tool, Gavagai Explorer. All texts analyzed in this article are collected from public online data published on TripAdvisor.

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