If you prefer rude staff, visit the Museo Del Romanticismo

Caption of Museo Del Romanticismo.
Photo: Luis García (Zaqarbal)

The Romanticism was a form of rebellion towards the calm and rational classicism as well as the enlightenment to some extent. It was a period for the irrational, the emotional as well as the romantic. Order, as well as materialism, was irrelevant whilst the individual, was relevant. Therefore, we wanted to find out if this still holds true to this day or if we’ve forgotten the meaning of romanticism. Here’s Museo Del Romanticismo.

What did find out about Museo del Romanticismo?

Visitors are having issues knowing when, and when not you’re able to take a closer look at the exhibits. There’s actually a “carpet” that customers are supposed to follow and, under no circumstances leave yet they do which is somewhat odd. The museum’s “employees” are furthermore perceived as rude and treat visitors as common crucks which is why they’re graded at a 3,85 / 5. Their “café” is however graded at a 4,09 / 5 though its staff, can at times, be somewhat unhelpful.

Caption of the Gavagai explorer dashboard for this analysis.


Caption of Cavalier Gaulois
Photo: Siren-Com

The Museo del Romanticismo isn’t perfect and they clearly, have some flaws. Customers are having difficulties with their carpet solution whilst their employees are rude and dismissive. The customer experience seems to be quite horrible actually. But maybe they’ve nailed the concept of Romanticism, wasn’t it supposed to be chaotic yet beautiful? Maybe they’re simply true to the era.

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