The Guardian, you might want to consider removing ads for subscribers

Caption of The Guardian newspaper.
Photo: gigijin

Insight nr. Ⅰ
The topic “journalism” is the topic with the highest occurrence, 14%. The average grade is 4,85 / 5. Alongside other topics like “trustworthy source” and “worldwide coverage” with similar grades, the message from the readers is quite clear. It’s the quality journalism that is the biggest positive driver for The Guardian.

Insight nr. Ⅱ
“Subscription” is the most negative topic in our analysis. With an average grade of 3,96 / 5, it has a negative impact on the overall grade. The occurrence is however rather low, only 1%.

Insight nr. Ⅲ
Some readers get annoyed about adverts. The topic “adverts” has an average grade of 4,24 / 5.

Caption of the topic “adverts” from the dashboard of this analysis.

Conclusion and suggestion

The Guardian’s users generally seem very happy about the great quality of journalism, and the worldwide coverage is a big plus. So, keep up the good journalistic work. However, maybe The Guardian need to do something to make people with subscriptions happier. Apparently, the subscription users still get ads and the app isn’t working as it should. In order to keep their subscribers, this needs to be looked over.

The research team at Gavagai performed this analysis using our AI-powered text analysis tool, Gavagai Explorer. All texts analyzed in this article are collected from public online data published on Google Play.

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