Church’s Chicken might want to take a closer look at their app

Caption of Church’s Chicken restaurant.
Photo: Michael Rivera

Insight nr. Ⅰ
The topic “installing” occurred in 2% of the reviews and has an average grade of 1,42 / 5. It’s related to “app updates”. It seems that some couldn’t access the app after trying to update it. Even after uninstalling and reinstalling the app several times, they couldn’t use it.

Insight nr. Ⅱ
The topic “media access” occurred in 4% of the reviews and has an average grade of 1,03 / 5. Some claimed that if they didn’t allow the app to have access to their pictures and media files, they couldn’t proceed to use the app.

Insight nr. Ⅲ
The topic “app updates” occurred in 4% of the reviews and has an average grade of 1,53 / 5. It seems to be difficult to use the app, after upgrading it. It was also mentioned that whenever you update the app, your earned stars and coupons are lost.

Caption of the topic “installing” from the dashboard of this analysis.
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Conclusion and suggestion

Our suggestions for Church’s Chicken are firstly, to change and improve the app functionality. There seem to be difficulties with the app, so this should really be looked into. Secondly, if possible, they should try to remove the request to gain access to private files. This, in turn, could improve the user experience. Other than that, customers should be able to access the app after updating it, and updating the app shouldn’t mean losing earned stars and coupons.

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