Is Matchesfashion’s shipping flawless?

Caption of Matchesfashion storefront.
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Insight nr. Ⅰ
“Return” has an average grade of 4,26 / 5 and an occurrence of 7%. While the average grade is high, it is still below the overall average for this project, which is 4,48 / 5. Sentiment has increased since last October and is on a pretty stable level with no signs of drastic change.

Insight nr. Ⅱ
“Selection” has an occurrence of 5% and has an average grade of 4,72 / 5. The sentiment is quite stable for this topic too. It is often mentioned along with “fast shipping”.

Insight nr. Ⅲ
“Fast shipping” has an average grade of an outstanding 4,93 / 5 and an occurrence of 15%. The sentiment is, understandably, very high for this topic. Although, it is not 100% positive as one could expect. There is still some room for improvement.

Caption of all the topics from the dashboard of this analysis.


Shipping is something Matchesfashion has under control, with only a small room for improvement. The question is if it is worth the extra work to reach a 100% positive sentiment since they are so stable at an already high level.
Matchesfashion has no real area that needs improvement immediately, but they have some areas that could still use some work. Companies should always strive to improve themselves. If not to rise in a market, then to ensure they stay there. Matchesfashion falls into the latter category. Their focus should be to tweak these little things in order to stay ahead of the curve.

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