Is aggravating China all Bild is good for or is there more?

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Apart from being Germany’s largest newspaper, Bild has somewhat risen to fame by suggesting that Beijing should pay for the damages that Covid19 has caused Germany. It’s a bold claim that’s aggravated China and sparked global media coverage. Bild has, on numerous occasions stirred the pot so to say and will most likely keep doing so. However, how are they perceived by customers? Are they good, bad, awful, or exceptional? Let’s find out.

What did we find out?

Bild is exceptionally good and their customers pretty much love everything with them. They provide fast news updates while their news are of high quality or at least highly graded by customers. Their sports section is also highly graded though it’s seen a slight decline in sentiment since 2014. Apart from the quality of news as well as the frequency of updates, their subscription service, as well as pricing, is highly appreciated by customers.

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Conclusion and suggestion

There’s not that much to tell about Bild, their customers love them and they should continue with what they’re doing. However, they should keep tabs on their sports section due to the decline of sentiment.

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