Tesla, the company that changed the automotive market | Earth Day

Caption of a Tesla store.

Cars have existed since 1886 and have since then simplified our lives substantially. With cars, we’re able to travel vast amounts of distances effortlessly. Unfortunately, as with everything in life, every reaction has a counter-reaction. In return for an easy means of transportation, we’re slowly corrupting the earth. However, this only applies to vehicles powered by some form of processed oil such as diesel or gasoline. Interestingly enough, the first cars were actually driven using electricity and we’ve also created cars fueled by water. So why did we change? At that time, the batteries weren’t that efficient and gasoline was a more viable alternative. Sadly we stuck to it and if not for Tesla or Mr.Musk, we probably would’ve done so for the end days. The electrical car market is still limited, though it’s a start.

Why do we say this?

Instead of analyzing their cars, we’ve actually decided to evaluate their app. Cars have existed for almost 150 years whilst car apps are an unexplored fresh market. So what did we find out? Updates and bugfixes are poorly rated at a low 2,65 / 5 and 1,98 / 5. Because the “app update” grade is affected by bugfixes, Tesla could kill two birds with one stone by releasing bugfixes that work.

However, there’s no need for despair due to their competitors having an even lower average grade than them. Both Honda and Volkswagen have issues with “app to car connection”, fortunately, Tesla doesn’t. Though they should most definitely keep tabs on the app to car connectivity, customers seem to really dislike it. The ability to view one’s car battery percentage is however highly rated at 3,56 / 5. For comparison, Honda is rated at 1,87 / 5 while Volkswagen is rated at 2,19 / 5.

Apart from car battery percentage, what other nifty features do Tesla provide? Did you know that you actually have the option of summoning your car? It’s somewhat surrealistic and customers love it. It’s rated at a 3,6 / 5 and the sentiment is increasing every year. Other than that you also have the possibility of controlling your car windows which also is highly-rated at a 3,83 / 5. Sadly they have account issues and 4% of customers are having trouble with login for example. The topic is rated at a low 1,63 / 5.

Caption of a comparison graph between these three brands.

Customers love Teslas features and there’s plenty of them. Unfortunately, they seem to have the same issues as a rapidly evolving company does. They keep adding and evolving but don’t have time to perfect. The system has bugs and glitches and most of the updates are ineffective in regards to bug fixes. Maybe they should take a step back and fix the current problems? Nonetheless, customers appreciate them and they’re highly rated. Tesla managed to reshape the automotive market during a period of years and we want them to succeed. We only have one planet and we’re slowly ending it. So take responsibility and make a change before it’s too late.

The research team at Gavagai performed this analysis using our AI-powered text analysis tool, Gavagai Explorer. All texts for Tesla, Honda, Volkswagen that have been analyzed in this article were collected from public online data published on the Appstore.

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