Is SL’s journey going forward or backward?

Caption of an SL commuter train.
Photo: Tim Adams

Corona is an ever so growing problem affecting millions or even billions of people all across the globe. People, as well as countries, have dealt with this pandemic somewhat differently. For countries such as Sweden, it’s pretty much business as usual whilst Italy is in a complete lockdown. We’ve seen some changes though, one of them being our public transportation. The number of busses and trains has been decreased and you’re no longer allowed to enter the busses at the front. Anyone who lives in Stockholm knows that our public transportation “SL”, is questionable at times. There’s always some kind of an issue, and at these times, it’s even harder to improve. However, we at Gavagai are here to aid SL, we want them to improve. Plus, it’s a win-win since most of us use public transportation.

So what has to be improved?

According to our analysis team, SL has to improve its “search” function and its other functions for that matter as well as tend to the app’s bugs. Their search function is rated at an all so low 1,44 / 5 and has an occurrence rate of 12%. According to customers, the app sometimes doesn’t display available journeys and available bus and train stations. Nevertheless, the sentiment has been increasing since 2017.

As to the apps other “functions”, customers grade it a low, yet higher, at 1,82 / 5 with an occurrence rate of 4%. Customers have issues with basic as well as receipt functions. They’re somewhat flabbergasted that the functions operate so poorly though the sentiment has been increasing since 2019. Maybe SL has started to correct some of the errors?

And at last, “bugs”. The average grade for this topic is 1,64 / 5 and has an occurrence rate of 7%. The app crashes copious amounts of times while displaying error messages about as often Trump calls out CNN for being fake news.

Caption of the topic “search” from the dashboard of this analysis.

Conclusion and suggestions

Stockholm’s public transportation has always been somewhat of a touchy subject, especially politically and we have no interest fueling that fire. However, when we see imperfection we want to help. So what needs to be improved then? Customer doesn’t have any problems with what the functions aim to achieve, instead they regard them as flawed. They don’t work and should be fixed. Other than the fact that the app is quite buggy and customers have a right to be upset. It’s an app, it should be child’s play finding why bugs keep occurring and correcting them. SL is great despite their obvious flaws, but with the help of Gavagai, they could be perfect.

The research team at Gavagai performed this analysis using our AI-powered text analysis tool, Gavagai Explorer. All texts analyzed in this article are collected from public online data published on Google Play and the Appstore.

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