Not able to watch the videos you paid for? A summary of 439 reviews about Udemy

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Udemy is an online learning marketplace and provides over 100 000 online video courses. Since all courses are online the video quality is very important. Our analysis raises some questions on whether the video quality really is good enough.

Why do we say this?

The 3 worst topics in our analysis are “pay”, “buy” and “price”. There seem to be problems with the payments. Some customers use words like scam and fraud when they describe the payment process. The average grade for “pay” is 3,20 / 5 and the overall average grade is 4,03 / 5.

“Buy” has an average grade of 3,33 / 5 and “price” has an average grade of 3,71 / 5. The topics “buy” and “price” mostly concerns the pricing of the products and customers not feeling like they get value for money.

Another negative driver for the overall grade is the topic “videos”. Customers complain about the video quality and the topic has negative relations to other topics like “watching” and  “work”. The average grade for “videos” is 3,74 / 5.

Udemy should take a look at how they deal with payments and refunds because according to their customers, they can do it better. These problems concerning pricing may be hard to address since Udemy needs to earn money on their business. It is however clear that these topics are negative drivers for the overall grade.

Videos don’t always seem to work as they should. It might be a good idea to investigate how Udemy’s video player works to ensure good quality for their customers.

The research team at Gavagai performed this analysis using our AI-powered text analysis tool, Gavagai Explorer. All texts analyzed in this article are collected from public online data published on Trustpilot.

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