Too much to deal with for customer service at Legal & General

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Legal & General is a London-based multinational financial services company. Their service includes insurance, life cover and investment management. We’ve analyzed reviews about the company and they tell us that Legal & General can improve their customer service.

What do the customers say about Legal & General?

The two topics “phone calls” and “waiting” are negative drivers for the overall grade, but they’re also connected to each other. The average grade for “phone calls” is 2,35 / 5 and for “waiting” it’s 2,07 / 5. These grades are lower than the overall average grade of 3,04 / 5. In 14% of all reviews, the topic “phone calls” is mentioned. In 16% of the reviews about the topic “phone calls”, “waiting” is also mentioned. The example texts in our analysis speak about long waiting times for phone calls. We can also see that the topic “waiting” is more negative when it is discussed together with the topic “on-hold”.

Two other topics that are negative and related to each other are “email” and “response”. The average grade for “email” is 1,77 / 5 and for “response” it’s 2,10 / 5. Customers aren’t happy with the responses they get over email. The topic “email” is actually the topic with the lowest average grade in our analysis. There seem to be multiple reasons for this. Some complain about slow responses and others are more focused on what the responses actually say. We can see that the topic “response” has a negative relation to “automated”. This indicates that customers receive automated responses when they expect more concrete help.

Both topics “phone calls” and “email” are related to the topic “renewal” which has an average grade of 2,68 / 5. The renewals seem to cause a lot of issues for customers. It is also a reason why many turn to customer service.

Conclusion and suggestions

Customers end up in long phone queues when they call Legal & General. This can be annoying. Some customers feel provoked by the message “we will be with you soon” since they don’t have the same perception of “soon” as Legal & General does. There are clear indications that the phone service can be improved. Both the issues with slow and insufficient answers can be the result of the same problem that we’ve seen with the call centers. One way of improving customer satisfaction might be to higher the capacity of the call centers. As a result, they would be able to help more customers and reduce waiting times.

By making the renewal process smoother, Legal & General can probably reduce the pressure on their customer service. The potential of fixing two problems in one is a good reason why Legal & General should try and investigate how they can improve their renewal process.

The research team at Gavagai performed this analysis using our AI-powered text analysis tool, Gavagai Explorer. All texts analyzed in this article are collected from public online data published on Trustpilot.

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