Is it as simple as just pressing play? A summary of 5 000 reviews about the Deezer app

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Deezer is a music streaming app where you can find all the latest music (and the good old classics). You can also listen to podcasts and make your own playlists. By analyzing 5 000 reviews about the Deezer app we’ve come to some conclusions about what the app users think is groovy and what’s not.

Why do we say this?

According to the reviews, people seem to have some problems with playing songs on Deezer. This problem is shown by the negative relations between the topic “play” and the topics “error”, “failed” and “stops”. When we look at occurrences over time of the topic “play”, we can see that it has gone down in recent times. The topic “play” has an average grade of 2,58 / 5 and occurs in 15% of all reviews. The overall average grade is 3,27 / 5. 

Another topic that is problematic is “premium”. The average grade for “premium” is 2,50 / 5. The low average grade for the topic is a result of dissatisfaction. Both about the requirement of a premium account to be able to do certain stuff. But also disappointment with how the premium edition works. “Premium” is related to the topic “paying” which is also a negative topic with an average grade of 2,46 / 5.

The big positive thing about Deezer shown in our analysis is the big selection of music and the possibilities to discover new music. The three topics “selection”, “finding music” and “flow” are all positive topics. The average grade for “selection” is 4,42 / 5, it’s 4,06 / 5 for “finding music” and 4,08 / 5 for “flow”. Flow is a function that recommends music to listeners and it seems to be very appreciated.


Songs seem to stop without reason and of course, it’s not awesome if songs can’t be played. The recent decrease in this problem could perhaps suggest that the problems were more urgent in 2019 than it is 2020. However, it still might be worth looking into.

Deezer does, of course, need people to pay for their premium service and can’t just run their service for charity. What they could do on the other hand is to convey the message differently and a bit clearer about what it means to have a free or a premium account. Right now the reviews suggest that Deezer doesn’t meet the customers’ expectations.

The research team at Gavagai performed this analysis using our AI-powered text analysis tool, Gavagai Explorer. All texts analyzed in this article are collected from public online data published on Google Play Store.

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