Can’t connect the Dave account to the bank – a summary of 5 000 reviews about the Dave app

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The Dave banking app is an app that helps people who need fast money to their bank accounts. With a subscription of only $1 / month, you can be protected from unexpected bank fees. Dave can give advance of up to $100 interest-free. There seems to be a problem though. The money can’t be distributed if the Dave account isn’t connected to the bank.

Why do we say this?

There seems to be an issue with how the Dave app connects with banks. The topic “bank” is the most negative one in our analysis with an average grade of 3,21 / 5. The overall average grade is 4,28 / 5. We can see that “bank” has negative relations with the topics “connect” and “information”. This indicates that there are problems when app users try to connect the Dave app to their bank. Reviewers say that they put in all information required and then it doesn’t connect and they are asked to put in the information again. This is a problem that frustrates people. We can see that both topics “work” and “connect” are each mentioned in about 10% of all the reviews concerning “bank”.

Another negative driver for the overall grade is the topic “bank account”. It has an average grade of 3,69 / 5. One topic that relates to “bank account” in a negative way is “fees”. Almost 10% of all reviews concerning “bank account” also mention “fees” and it makes the grades worse. 

The topic “borrow $75” is negative for the overall grade with an average grade of 3,88 / 5. It is related to the topic “$20” and suggests that it’s only possible to borrow $20 when clients think they can borrow $75.


The problem concerning the connection between the bank and the app affects a lot of app users and it is definitely something that Dave should take a look at. All reviews in our analysis are from late November 2019 or later which suggests that this is quite urgent.

Some clients get the impression that it is possible to borrow $75 but it isn’t. Dave could perhaps be clearer in their communication about which sums can be borrowed.

Dave should try and investigate why fees make people grade the topic “bank account” worse, to see if there is something that can be changed to help their customers.

The research team at Gavagai performed this analysis using our AI-powered text analysis tool, Gavagai Explorer. All texts analyzed in this article are collected from public online data published on Google Play Store.

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