The Cloud Sharing Conundrum

Most readers or customers should at this moment be acquainted with, or at least have a basic understanding of what we at Gavagai do. We’re here to help because we want to make a difference, we want to change how the system works, how companies interact and how they grow. But how? We don’t collect financial data and we don’t run any numbers so how are we supposed to help? Well, because we run the trends by collecting customer review data. That’s what we do. Because how a company develops is part due to underlying trends and we can find those trends by analyzing what customers say, because… well, customer is king. So, we don’t care about financial data, we couldn’t care less actually, instead, we work with trends, and frankly, we’re damn good at it.

Photo of multiple hard drives.
Photo by: Jeremy Keith

So what do we know, what are our conclusions, or an even better question, what will we analyze?

We at the analysis and content team have been given the opportunity of reviewing and analyzing the backup storage market or more specifically, the cloud service market. So, what do we know then? In one word; simplicity.

Customers don’t want to be bothered with a thousand features, instead, they want an application that’s easy-to-use. They want the direct flight and not the hassle that usually comes with layovers. Needless to say, they still want some functionality and they seem to appreciate it as well, though it has to be justified, simple and not in abundance. Further, customers seem to value features linked to connectivity. They want to connect to others, both professionally and privately which is why google Drive’s sharing option is held in such high regard.

Photo of all the topics from the Google Drive dashboard.

The easiness and functionality of the cloud service industry are puzzling though, and may at times be viewed as a double-edged sword. Customers of Google, Microsoft and DropBox appreciate the change that comes with added functionality. As long as it’s straightforward and uncomplicated, if not, they tend to dislike them. However, apart from the intrinsic value of easiness in the cloud sharing industry, customers value the option of working with their projects on multiple platforms. Such as Google Drives app or OneDrives multiple devices. And finally… they want the service to have a decent amount of storage whilst the service is free.

So how is this information in any way useful?

It kinda depends on how you use it. The downside of trends is that they change and they do so easily. Something as mundane as a fidget spinner managed to confound and captivate the world, so how will you keep tabs on every change? That’s easy, use Gavagai! We’re offering a flashlight in the dark so use it. We do get that change is difficult, especially now, so we’ll take the first step. We’re happy to do so, what we ask for is that you take a leap of faith.

So what are our recommendations? In conjunction with customer review data, we recommend an easy app that’s free. It should also have features, though they have to be easy and not over the top. That’s our conclusion.

The research team at Gavagai performed this analysis using our AI-powered text analysis tool, Gavagai Explorer. Two of the texts analyzed in this article are collected from public online data published on Softwareadvice, Google Drive and OneDrive and one from TrustPilot, Dropbox

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