Analysis of 6 341 reviews suggests that Bravofly is a lying scam

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Bravofly is a travel website where you can search and compare different flights. You can also book hotels and rent cars. Even though can help you find your dream vacation, customers get angry when they use Bravofly. This analysis will show you why!

Why do we say this?

The customer service needs to be improved. The topic “contact” has an average grade of 1,53 / 5, “email” has an average grade of 1,64 /5 and “called” has an average grade of 1,39 / 5. The overall average grade is 1,91 / 5 which makes all these topics negative drivers. These grades are very low and it’s clearly contributing to the bad overall grade. We can also see that the sentiment for the topic “customer service” has decreased over time. 

One of the reasons for the bad grades for the customer service and in particular for the topic “called” is that Bravofly charges their customers for calling. We can see that there is a negative relation between the topics “called” and “charge”. This means that the grade tends to be worse when these topics are mentioned together. It’s not hard to imagine the frustration that customers must feel when they’re trapped in a situation where they have to call customer service for help but will likely end up being charged for not reaching them.

A photo of the topic “refund” for this analysis.

The worst graded topic of all is “refund”. The topic has an average grade of 1,25 / 5. The problem is that Bravofly simply doesn’t give refunds. Some reviewers even say that Bravofly lied to them by saying that they were going to get refunds they never got.

Bravofly has a long way to go to become a well-regarded travel website. The key to higher customer satisfaction is to simply treat customers with more respect. Instead of scamming people of money and lying straight to their faces, they need to start providing service and be helpful.

The research team at Gavagai performed this analysis using our AI-powered text analysis tool, Gavagai Explorer. All texts analyzed in this article are collected from public online data published on Trustpilot.

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