Analysis of 3 500 reviews showcases Google Drive’s high standard

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Google Drive is an online file storage and transfer system created in 2012. Users are offered 15 GB of free storage through Google One, with options to upgrade to store up to 30 TB. It seems users think highly of Google Drive, but what makes it stand out to customers?

Why do we say this?

The most frequently occurring topic is “simple”, with an occurrence of 54%. The average grade is slightly higher than the overall average, with this topic’s average grade being 4,81 / 5 in comparison to the overall average of 4,80 / 5. This is a minuscule difference, but still very high ratings. The topics occurring alongside “simple” the most is “sharing”, occurring in 29% of these and “access” in 22%.

“Team” is the highest-rated topic, with an average grade of 4,83. This occurs in 17% of all reviews, with occurrence varying between 10% and 20% each month since last summer. Sentiment has not been as stable, with some significant jumps up and down. Last summer sentiment was at about 45% positive and now it is at about 57% positive. It peaked in December with about 83% positive. The most frequent topic mentioned along this is “sharing”, with it occurring in 54% of these reviews.

The worst average grade is “navigating”, with a below overall average grade of 4,73 / 5. This is still very high grade, and as such should not be thought of in a very negative way. Apart from a few months last fall the sentiment has been on a surprisingly slow and steady increase in sentiment. Last summer sentiment was calculated to slightly above 60% positive, and its steady rise has left it at the most recent of slightly above 70% positive.

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Conclusion and comments

What we can conclude from this is that Google Drive is a very appreciated platform. Its lowest-rated topic is still rather highly graded, and there is nothing that stands out in terms of areas of improvement. Simply put: users are very satisfied, with a majority of users appreciating the simplicity of using the software.

There is a trend of users mentioning “simple”, “team” and “sharing” alongside each other or in different constellations. A conclusion can be drawn that Google Drive is a good fit for the teamwork of different kinds. The simplicity probably makes it easy to use, even for those that usually do not. Along with this, the simplicity of sharing things also makes it suitable for teamwork, no matter how large a team may be. As such, Google Drive will probably keep their market share, as long as they continue to improve themselves. If they do not competitors are sure to catch up eventually. 

The research team at Gavagai performed this analysis using our AI-powered text analysis tool, Gavagai Explorer. All texts analyzed in this article are collected from public online data published on Softwareadvice.

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