Analysis of 5 458 reviews shows that the BBC is under attack with accusations of being biased

The BBC is a British public service broadcaster for TV and radio. In our analysis, we can see that all people aren’t happy with the BBC’s news reporting.

Why do we say this?

The topic “biased” is mentioned in 46% of the reviews. The topic has an average grade of 1,04 / 5 which is lower than the overall average grade of 1,12 / 5. “Biased” is related to the topics “news” and “reporting”.

People who don’t appreciate what the BBC offer to the public isn’t very keen to pay their TV license. The topic “license” has an average grade of 1,08 / 5 and it’s related to the topic “paying”.

Other topics that are negative for the overall grade and also concern the same type of issue as “biased” are “soldier”, “propaganda” and “EU”. The average grade is 1,01 / 5 for “soldier”, 1,02 / 5 for “propaganda” and 1,02 / 5 for “EU”. The topic “soldier” concerns the rally in May 2019 where demonstrated in support of British soldiers who faced prosecution over incidents during the Troubles in the 70s. The demonstrators said they were in support of “Soldier F”. Reviewers complain about the lack of coverage on this manifestation. The topic “propaganda” is a result of people accusing BBC of having a “leftist” agenda. This is also visible in the topic “EU” which suggests a tendency to support the remain side in the debate on Brexit.

One thing that bothers people is the home visits and attempts to make people pay their license. Investigations about whether people have to pay for a TV license or not can be annoying. In addition to that, it gives people an opportunity to get out of an extra cost. Maybe it would be a good idea to follow the Swedish model and make the TV license a part of the tax for everyone, regardless of whether they use BBC’s services or not. Public service needs funding and independent and unbiased media is a benefit for the whole society.

As we’ve seen, there are however people who don’t agree that BBC are unbiased. The website rate BBC as slightly Left-Center biased and which makes the reviewers right to some extent. But, they do also rate the BBC very high when it comes to presenting facts and state that they never failed a fact check. A lot of the critique about BBC just being a source of leftist propaganda is simply wrong. For example the critique about not covering the London demonstration in support of “Soldier F” is unjustified. One search in google resulted in a story from the BBC about the demonstration as one of the main results. The biggest problem with these attacks on public service is probably that a lot of people make their own truth based on political conviction. BBC has a big challenge to try and reach out to all different groups in society.

The research team at Gavagai performed this analysis using our AI-powered text analysis tool, Gavagai Explorer. All texts analyzed in this article are collected from public online data published on Trustpilot.

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