Analysis of 2 949 reviews shows that extra costs are big mood killers for Air France travelers

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Air France is a French airline founded in 1933. Today they fly to destinations all over the world and we’ve analyzed what their customers think about them.

Why do we say this?

The topic “pay” is a negative driver for the overall grade with an average grade of 2,37 / 5. The overall average grade is 3,15 / 5. We can see that there are relations to the topics “seats”, “extra” and “luggage”. It seems like customers don’t like that they have to pay extra for seats. According to the example texts it costs extra both to get a specific seat, by the window for example or to sit next to your friends. 

The topic “luggage” has an average grade of 2,54 / 5. As previously mentioned “luggage” is related to “pay” and this relation is negative. People don’t want to pay extra for their luggage. Another negative relation to the topic “luggage” is the relation with “lost”. Luggage gets lost which is annoying for travelers.

Positive drivers are topics about the service on the plane. The topics “service”, “meals” and “entertainment” are all positive. The average grade is 3,66 / 5 for “service”, 3,63 / 5 for “meals” and 3,53 / 5 for “entertainment”.

In conclusion, we can see that the service is appreciated. It’s nice that people can get entertained and eat good during their flights. These things make a little extra and we can see that it is what really boosts the grades for Air France. Negatives for the company are mainly concerning costs and extra payments. Maybe Air France can improve their communication with their fees. Right now it seems like many travelers experience the fees for luggage and seating as extra costs. If people are less surprised about costs they might be more positive towards the company. The problem with lost luggage is a problem most travelers have experienced regardless of what airline they’ve used. The airport is also responsible for handling the luggage. It might, however, be interesting for Air France to see that this is one of the issues with the most negative impact on their overall grade.

The research team at Gavagai performed this analysis using our AI-powered text analysis tool, Gavagai Explorer. All texts analyzed in this article are collected from public online data published on Tripadvisor.

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