Analyzing 1 533 reviews about Hobnob indicates the app is not worth paying for

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The Hobnob app can be used to create online invitations for all kinds of parties and gatherings. However, when we looked at reviews about the app we found out that people are unwilling to pay for the features.

Why do we say this?

The app is not really worth paying for. β€œPay” was talked about a lot in 2018 and the sentiment around the topic has decreased over time. The average grade for the topic is lower than the overall average: 2,69 / 5 compared to 3,93 / 5. It appears the company took away some of the free benefits and put them behind a paywall, which made several users stop using the app. Another thing people complain about is that it is only possible to sign up for yearly subscriptions (although this might have changed lately).

Another thing people complain about is that there are some issues syncing the contacts. β€œContacts” has an average grade of 3,17 / 5, which is lower than the overall average of 3,93 / 5. Some reviewers also claim the app didn’t send out the invitations to all the contacts. If the company wants its users to feel they get value for the money, the should begin with solving the minor bugs.

The research team at Gavagai performed this analysis using our AI-powered text analysis tool, Gavagai Explorer. All texts analyzed in this article are collected from public online data published on Google Play Store.

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