Analysis of 4 998 Bolt reviews show that they’re not always fast as lightning

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Bolt is a ride-sharing company. With their app, you can get a ride by simply ordering a car to your location. But does it work as smoothly as it should? Our analysis highlights some things that Bolt can improve.

Why do we say this?

Bolt’s customers argue that the company overcharges for the rides. The topic “charged” is the most negative one in our analysis with an average grade of 1,78 / 5, which is low compared to the overall average grade of 2,87 / 5. We can see that “charged” has negative relations to the topics “amount”, “twice” and “double”. It’s not good that customers feel like they’re being charged more than they should. Bolt should try to figure out whether they actually charge too much or if they just need to clarify to their customers how their pricing works.

Customers struggle with card payments. The topic “card” is a negative one with an average grade of 1,90 / 5. According to the example texts, there seems to be an issue with adding a bank card in the app. Some get an error even though they feel like they’ve put in all the details correctly and that it should be working. The consequence of this is that customers can’t get any rides or that they have to convert to cash payment. This can be really annoying when you just want to order a ride in the smoothest possible way. Bolt should try to find out if it’s possible to improve this function or if the problem simply is a result of customers not understanding how to use the app.

The topic “minutes” has to do with waiting times. It’s not just the fact that customers who order a ride have to wait for it to arrive, one thing that many reviewers speak about is the fact that the estimated waiting times in the app aren’t accurate. The app tells the customer how far away the car is, for example, 4 minutes. When people have to wait longer they get frustrated and they lose trust in Bolt’s time estimations. Customers would probably prefer more accurate estimations even though it would mean that cars seem to be further away. The average grade for minutes is 2,05 / 5. The topic “wait” is related to “minutes” and has an average grade of 2,33 / 5.

The research team at Gavagai performed this analysis using our AI-powered text analysis tool, Gavagai Explorer. All texts analyzed in this article are collected from public online data published on Google Play Store.

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