Analysis of 8 119 reviews show that Streetbees payment policy stings

Streetbees offers people all over the world paid surveys for cash. Even so, it seems that some people are complaining about not getting richer.

Why do we say this?

The topic “unpaid” occurred in 12% of the reviews and has an average grade of 3,34 / 5. This indicates that it’s mentioned in a negative way. Some customers complained about not getting paid for all of their completed surveys. It was also mentioned that it took a long time for some customers to receive their payments.

The topic “week” has an average grade of 2,99 / 5 and occurred in 9% of the reviews. The topic seems to be referring to some customers not receiving payment for their completed surveys. Some customers also mentioned that they had to wait a long time to receive feedback on why their completed surveys were rejected.

This leads us to the topic “tasks” that occurred in 4% of the reviews and has an average grade of 2,93 / 5. Except for not receiving any payment for completed surveys, it seems that for some customers, there was a lack of tasks/surveys to do. As a result, some deleted the app from their phone to save space.

Streetbees could benefit from looking into their payment system and also decide what criteria need to be fulfilled. This is so that people will be able to complete a survey and receive payment. They may need to more thoroughly analyze what kind of surveys need to be done and by whom. This is because currently, it seems that they’re leading people on by offering surveys they won’t pay for.

The research team at Gavagai performed this analysis using our AI-powered text analysis tool, Gavagai Explorer. All texts analyzed in this article are collected from public online data published on Google Play.

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